The first step is to download the App TusVecinos on your mobile device

Steps to log in to
your residents' association

The way to login to the TusVecinos App is the same whether you are an owner, tenant or administrator.

Choose how you want to register

Open the application and choose how to register: with an email account or with your Google/Apple account.

Scan the Qr code

Once you have clicked on one of the two options, you will have to click on the "Read Qr Code" button and scan the Qr code provided by your residents' association with your mobile phone camera.

Complete your details

Once you have scanned the Qr Code, the data of your community and flat will be filled in automatically. You will only have to fill in the nickname, email and password fields.

End registration

Once you have filled in your details and accepted the terms and conditions, click on the "register" button.


Welcome to TusVecinos!

Do you want to know everything TusVecinos, the App for residents' associations, has to offer?

Reservation of<br> common areas

Reservation of
common areas

You will be able to book common areas quickly and efficiently, with a complete personalisation of services.

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Community <br>payments


You will be able to make the payments of your community of neighbours, the reservation of the common spaces, the community bill, heating...

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What does <br>TusVecinos offer?

What does
TusVecinos offer?

If you want to know everything the TusVecinos App has to offer, don't hesitate to visit our website.

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